There are many ways we could work together! 

It depends on your needs, project or desired results. During an introduction meeting we can discuss your needs in detail, to find the best way of working together and confirm the desired goal, results and how we can measure the effectiveness.

Provide Solutions to the Following Needs:

  1. Greater understanding and clearer profile of your customer segments
  2. Better application of budget and higher return on marketing promotion budget
  3. More up-to-date marketing capabilities and knowledge in-house
  4. Improved marketing strategy and growth plan based on solid research
  5. Additional ideas and hands for event commercialization and product launches
  6. Better collaboration between sales and marketing on pipeline management

The Services Offered:

  • Marketing strategy creation and growth ideas
  • Communications plan and implementation of PR
  • Product launch plans and product launch activities
  • Events communications and online ticket sales
  • Management of PR/advertising agencies
  • Campaign [integrated] creation and tracking
  • Lead generation, nurturing activity and lead conversion
  • Social media strategy and implementation
  • Customer satisfaction research and analysis

Flexible Ways of Working Include:

  • By the hour - for projects that are short in length and deliverables require many adjustments, i.e. writing a brochure or website content.
  • Daily rate - for a project that is very structured and can be more easily replicated, i.e. giving a speech, or hosting a conference/vitual event.
  • Project basis - for a lengthy project that can include a measurable performance element, i.e. managing a campaign or launch of a new product or event.
  • Interim basis - for a long term internal role [on part-time basis], i.e. maternity leave cover for an employee.