Instead of just including a page of logos and company names I have tried to write a blog post about projects I have been involved in. This hasn't happened for all clients and projects unfortunately, so I have some work still to do, but I do have blog posts about these projects:

Launching a new health product for Philips Lighting/Consumer Lifestyle. The project involved defining the launch campaign strategy and setting it up so that the campaign effectiveness could be measured over time and the agencies paid based on performance.

Re-thinking Forrester's marketing strategy and resources. This interim assignment included improving the sales and marketing collaboration particularly around pipeline management and measuring the return on marketing investments. The re-think also included re-structuring the marketing department.

Launching a new sport in Europe for Bounz [initiative NOC*NSF]. The project involved creating a marketing and event strategy for the introduction of Bounz. Without a budget it required using another event as a launching pad to drive attendence and trial of the service by the appropriate target group, online presence was also of importance.

Event marketing and communications for PICNIC Amsterdam's biggest media, design and technology festival and conference. This project involved securing partners and selling tickets online through an integrated campaign using online and offline techniques.

Hosting a vitual open day streamed live over the internet. For the University of Applied Sciences of Amsterdam I have hosted a number of virtual open days for prospective international students. The event is steamed live via the internet [the programme is 1 hour in length]. In the studio are numerous guests and the host is required to answering questions that come in via a web interface with the help of the guests.

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