Wednesday 2 April 2008

What is measurable marketing?

So what is measurable marketing? Well I am going to make sense of this topic for you.

Measurable marketing has also been called many things in the past, including performance marketing, multi-channel marketing, internet marketing, SEO, Advanced Email (direct)marketing, CRM, PPP Pay for Performance (CPC, CPL, CPO), RSS, Blog marketing.

The main things to realize and that tracking is more important dashboards/web metics / analytics and direct marketing and CRM will become the most important tools in the marketeers tool box. This is not to say that branding is not important any more as we all know that someone if more likely to respond to a known person/brand/company.

For measurable marketers it’s about the results. And results can be improved upon in direct marketing by segmentation and testing. After we reach our goals we do more testing.

Today marketing is about effectiveness, and that begins and ends with the ability to measure your efforts. It’s a task that’s often easier said than implemented. So where do you start on your journey to marketing measurement? I will cover this in my next post.

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