Sunday 28 September 2008

Cross media bonanza at PICNIC 08

My latest marketing project has been to market PICNIC 08.

PICNIC everyone knows as an event/festival that takes place in September in Amsterdam, but PICNIC is really in the business of "ideas/inspiration and experiences".

The PICNIC 08 festival took place in Amsterdam on the 23-26 Septmber. I was bought into the team in April, 6 months before the event, to do the marketing for PICNIC - quite a challenge due to the short amount of time, but loads of fun.

On top of the high-level conference and workshops during PICNIC, there were social RFID games, online social networking, a mobile application, a widget, a live stream of the conference, a live report of aggregated content from multiple sites (including twitter), a weblog and much more. PICNIC could be consumed not just by being at the Westergasfabriek but also virtually through all these different mediums.

In the lead up to PICNIC I also used multiple media to communicate the PICNIC happening. Dutchcowboys blog wrote an entry about it in Dutch

The communication mediums included: TV ads, online banner advertising, magazine and newspaper paper ads, viral video, narrowcast videos, ABRI posters around Amsterdam, Boomerang promotional cards, email/newsletters and direct mail campaigns, press releases, SMS short code interactivity, Green Graffiti, toilet posters, SEO and paid for search. 90% of this marketing was barter deals due to very low marketing budget.

So what did we actually do, how did this cross media communication activity work, what were the results and how do you actually measre the effectiveness of cross media campaigns? More about this in my next blog.

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