Wednesday 15 June 2011

Helping NOC NSF Launch a New Sport in Europe - Bounz

Back in November 2010 I was approached by Peter, one of the three initiators of Bounz to give some advice around launching a brand new sport, which was becoming popular in the US, onto the Dutch market.

Well after a bit of research, I gladly agreed as I believed the idea really had legs and still does. Plus working for a "non-profit" who's mission was to help with the reduction of Dutch obesity [if that really exists here!] and support the NOC*NSF's ambitious Olympic 2028 goals of getting 75% of Dutch people doing a sport, I jumped at the chance to give them marketing input and project manage the launch event.

Despite challenging organizational issues and crazy deadlines - the Bounz trampoline field and website look fantastic! Just take a look at some of the videos and photos of "Bounzers" that are on the website .

Bounz is pretty amazing - it is effectively a huge arena of trampolines joined together with sloping sides which allows bounzers the freedom to go crazy jumping and doing arial tricks - beyond anything I could imagine doing, I'll stick to my mountain bike if you don't mind! Although I might give the Bounz dodgeball a go - anyone up for it?

Launching a new sport, that is not known in Europe let alone Holland, with virtually zero money and a few mildly interested partners, is a challenge in itself. My advice was "find a launching pad" - ie. a happening or event aimed at the same target group [a catalyst effectively] that Bounz could ride on the back of this and get a massive "free" promotional boost [directly among the primary target audience] right from the start. With the additional advice to time the "official" opening for press and influencers, just before this launch pad event to create a press and buzz knock-on effect.

That launch pad event, is the Amsterdam Olympische Dagen [AOD] in the Ookmeer Park West Amsterdam, where conveniently Bounz is located of course. This event which starts today, 16 July goes on for 2 days and perfectly follows on from the official Bounz opening for the press and gymnastics influencers last night 15 July. Special call out to Pauline Siemens, who expertly took care of the media presence last night, which should also bare fruit over the next few days. Influencer and user marketing requires a different approach.

During the AOD approximately, 4000, 10-12 year olds will be given the opportunity to try out Bounz for free. And kids will be kids ... if they think Bounz is "cool enough" they will tell their friends anyway they can [perhaps using the Bounz Hyves or Facebook page]! Offering the kids an added chance to profile themselves as having the "best Bounz trick" in Amsterdam via a video competition [with prizes associated] was the next piece of the engagement and viral marketing advice.

It remains to be seen what the impact of this marketing advice will be. No fancy measurement tracking is in place, for obvious reasons. However, using free google analytics tools, engagement trends in their social media pages and AOD coupon tracking, it will be possible for Bounz to see what impact the AOD launch pad will give to the initial sales results. BTW there is a pretty good trial offer to try Bounz in Amsterdam during the summer - check it out on the site at

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