Friday 31 August 2012

Yippy I passed the post graduate professional diploma in marketing from the CIM

Wow that was tough. All the hard work was worth it however. I passed the post graduate professional diploma for marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing in the UK. Not only was it great to get confirmation of my marketing expertise, but also good to experience education again from the students side.

I have to say that I didn't learn too much new "marketing" strategy stuff, but I don't need to doubt myself anymore on my knowledge and expertise - that feels good.

Unfortunately the "A"grade eluded me, but I was very happy with my 4 "B" grades. Seeing as I only got 1 grade "B" during my A levels [plus C&E] and only got a 2:2 for my BA business degree, I am pretty chuffed with myself - I guess I needed to be older to be a good student.

My Emerging Themes paper about the EU privacy/cookies was published in the Cambridge Marketing Review magazine. The analysis and decision exam paper was all about News International [News Corp] which was handy for me as I follow media issues closely for some of the courses I teach. The managing leadership and planning assignment I did based on my knowledge and experience of Forrester Research and I believe that it could provide some insight into future "culture" changes at Forrester. The managing corporate reputation assignment I did based on my knowledge and experience at Philips, and it may provide useful insights into the future of "Sense and Simplicity".

All in all I read about 20 books, researched 1000's of articles, studied 100's of pages of course notes and spent nearly 1 day per week working on this study for a whole year. I so desparately didn't want to fail and have to do resits!! Can't think of anything worse. That is what I tell my students too, but I guess that realization only comes with age and less partying.

I think I will give studying a miss for a year, but who knows maybe someday the next step.


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