Monday 12 March 2012

Measuring the wrong things - "Likes" in Facebook do not always equal satisfaction or loyalty [Bryton]

A week ago I bought a Bryton navigator for my big bike trip from Amsterdam down to the South of France [the last thing I want is to get lost]. I had done some research online beforehand regarding the machine itself and asked a number of bike experts and bike shop owners, it all pointed to the Bryton over the Garmin.

So first reaction was, satisfied customer! I had made the right decision and bought the right machine, but then cognitive dissonance began to set in. I charged the Bryton [following closely the instruction manual - typical girl!], launched the web interface, loaded the Benelux map all successfully. All was well until that moment.

From then on, every page I went to in the web interface I kept getting a pop-up "Like Bryton on FB". This pop-up just wouldn't go away, it followed me to every page in the web interface. Until I just gave up and pressed "I like" and the pop-up was gone and my wall was polluted with the fact that apparently I liked Bryton! [Bryton marketing department happy, they were able to count 1 more fan on FB!] Then despair set in, I saw all the other "fans" and their messages on the Bryton FB fan page.

In fact, I am totally dissappointed with Bryton, the machine does not have the 14 hour battery life promised, in fact at my slow pace I am happy if the Bryton gets me half way round the planned route! Plus the web interface deleted 7 of my planned routes and my history that I spent hours painfully uploading - I am not a happy bunny.

I would go as far as to say I am a [NPS] detractor. I have told two colleagues, that asked me what my experience was with the Bryton. I told them that they should buy a Garmin not a Bryton. Plus I have posted all manner of "detractor messages" [no rude words] on the FB fan page of Bryton.

So if the marketing department of Bryton is counting my "like" as a happy satisfied, loyal customers - they should think again.

Remember ... numbers are never as they seem, go deeper and analyze the actual behaviour of your customers to start understanding what the numbers really mean. BTW never force people to like you, otherwise that is a prime trigger for them to start hating you.

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