Friday 12 February 2010

Creations are not just simple products but brand experiences

Creation is not about just about products [as Kotler may have you believe], but it is about the overall customer experience of your brand.

The creation of the right experience happens with the help of many stakeholders both inside and outside the company.

Co-creation is nothing new, because companies have been doing this in different formats for a long time. But with the help of social media companies can now do this more effectively and efficiently by using their virtual networks, fan communities and conversations with their customers to co-create the right mix of products/services and experiences to create the brand experience.

If customers are involved more with your brand creation than they were previously through being able to impact the evolution of the brand, you can further solidify this already strong relationship. By selecting those customers and target groups who are involved in active conversations with your company, whether those be positive or negative, it is importance to use these passionate people to positively impact the creation and evolution of your brand.

Make these passionate people and influencers part of the creation of your brand experience, they will then be your best advocates for the brand.

Creation is the 4th in the 6 c's of measurable marketing: customer, content, conversation, creation, convenience and conversion.

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