Thursday 11 February 2010

From push, to pull marketing and even better conversations

Marketing over the course of the last few years has moved from push marketing to pull marketing techniques.
The next step in this evolution is from pull marketing to dialogue / conversations with the target audience.
The main challenge with conversations, is its scalability which hasn't been addressed enough even among the millions of social media experts out there.
You may say that B2B firms have been having conversations for years with their sales force conversing with customers, but that is only if they are focused on solutions vs transactional sales, which in most cases is simply not true.
In order to start conversations, highly valuable content is necessary and once you have conversations with your target audience, you can spot your promotors and detractors and integrate them into your inner core to help you create the right brand experiences.
Conversation is the 3rd of the 6 c's of measurable marketing: Customer, content, conversation, creation, convenience and conversion.

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