Thursday 24 December 2009

From the 4 P's of marketing to the 6 C's of measurable marketing

I am a real doodler, my colleagues and clients have remarked on it! I like to scribble and draw diagrams and visually show links between concepts. I have had to manage or teach/coach some young talent and they seem to respond well to doodling as opposed to written memos or emails.

So here the first in a series of doodles I am going to publish. I invite you to doodle over the top of them in a red pen and send them to me, so I can republish them all on this blog.

I have all the respect in the world for Philip Kotler the marketing master, however I feel that the 4 P's has passed it's sell by date. I believe for marketers to be successful, they need to be practicing the 6 C's of marketing: Customer, content, conversation, creation, convenience, conversion.

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